Standing Stones Adventure

The adventure began in Pensford, a village not far from Bristol.

At the start of the walk we passed through Culvery Wood, where the beautiful wood anenomes were in full bloom.

After walking along next to the River Chew then across some fields we arrived at Stanton Drew, and soon spotted the standing stones. I stopped to read the information sign. The stones have been there a very long time, about 4500 years.

Here I am wandering around the stones…

I stopped for a little rest on this one, and wondered about what life must have been like 4500 years ago.

There are three more stones away from the main circles that can be found in the garden behind The Druid’s Arms (a pub).

They are known as ‘The Cove’ and it is thought that they were used for special ceremonies such as weddings.

The Druid’s Arms was closed, I would have liked a cider but enjoyed my orange instead.

After a little rest we set off back towards Pensford through country lanes and footpaths.

I said ‘Hello’ to some donkeys but they were so busy grazing they didn’t notice me.

The llama in the next field spotted me, but I felt a bit vulnerable with no fence between us so I didn’t hang around.

We also had to cross a field full of sheep, they were also busy munching grass.

My little legs were starting to get quite tired, fields are big areas for small bears to walk across.

We finally got back to Pensford as the sun was going down.

The circular walk was about 6 miles in total. Lots of interesting things to see, if you live in the area and enjoy walking I recommend this route.

For more information see (we did walk 2)

Here is some information about the standing stones:

Horace the Alresford Bear 30/3/2021

2 thoughts on “Standing Stones Adventure

  1. So nice to see that Horace is getting out and about. Unlike his cousin, Teddy, who has lived with us since 1976, he hasn’t put on weight during the lockdown—no doubt due to all that dancing and the lack of afternoon snacks at historic properties!


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