Hanbury Hall

Hanbury Hall is a National Trust property near Droitwich. On arriving there I posed for a selfie in front of the house.

It was lunch time and my tummy was rumbling for food. Fortunately the cafe serves very tasty pasties. Yum yum yum.

With tummy full I was ready to explore and started off in the parterre garden.

The gardeners must use rulers when they trim the little hedges!

I admired the artwork on display in the long gallery.

In the next garden area the apple trees were all very neatly pruned.

I had a look through the railings at the lake.

After walking a little way I was able to climb onto a wall to get a better view, but didn’t stay there long as the wind was a bit gusty and I didn’t want to be blown into the water below!

After following a path we found a beautiful orchard where the trees were in full bloom.

After which I spotted a tunnel and had no idea where it would emerge…

The tunnel led to the lake, the ducks ran away when they realised I didn’t have any food for them

I thought I might be able to get into the field to see the sheep, but as I got closer realised that a ha ha was acting as a fence. See What is a ha-ha? | National Trust for information about a ha ha.

Through some more gardens I spotted a little house that looked bear sized.

There were two of the little houses next to the bowling green. Here I am at the edge as bears or people weren’t allowed to walk on the green to protect the grass.

Some very large onions were growing in the vegetable garden.

It was one of those days where the sun was shining one minute and the next minute it was raining. It started to rain quite a lot so we decided it was time to go home. I said goodbye to the very wise sheep who were sheltering under a tree.

Hanbury Hall is a peaceful place to visit with lovely gardens. I certainly recommend a visit,

For more information see: Hanbury Hall | National Trust

Horace the Alresford Bear 11/5/2021

1 thought on “Hanbury Hall

  1. Thank You Horace for the very detailed account of your visit to Hanbury Hall. It looks very interesting and I’m sure it will be lovely place to visit. I was looking to see if any of your friends were with you. Next time Yes? Someone has been looking after the grounds especially as it will have been closed for some time, but the gardens are beautiful. I liked the parterre, the orchard and oh, everything. Lucky you, and a very big Thank You to your ‘Hooman’ for taking you there. The whole place is so beautiful.


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