Waddesdon Manor – with yummy afternoon tea!

As we approached Waddesdon we started to wonder if we were in France as it looks a lot like a French chateau.

The first activity on the agenda was afternoon tea in The Manor Restaurant. We very much enjoyed the sweet course (the savoury course was good too).

Afterwards we set off to explore the grounds. This photo got ‘photobombed’ by the Waddesdon bus that takes people that aren’t walkers from the car park to the house.

We were delighted to find a playground in the woods.

Nye was a bit light to make the swing round and round thingy go up and down.

The rope climb was rather challenging for Nye too so our human lifted him up to watch me@

I had a go on the balance trail while Nye watched. His size does limit what he can do sometimes…

We were very excited to find a slide. (Our human calls them sliders as she is from Bristol). We wondered for a while before taking the plunge….

It was very fast. I went down first then waited for Nye at the bottom.

We could have played all day on the slide but decided to explore some more of the grounds.

We found two large elephants and a baby one on our way to the aviary.

The avairies are quite splendid.

There were some beautiful birds living in the aviary but unfortunately we couldn’t get a photo with any of them.

There was a grotto that looked like it could be a very interesting place for bears but we weren’t allowed in.

It was good to see lots of buttercups flowering in the long grass.

Dogs aren’t allowed in some parts of the estate, we are glad that we are bears and not dogs.

The flower beds in front the house were empty as in between spring and summer bedding. Here we are posing in front of the fountains.

Waddesdon was really peaceful while we were there and we had a wonderful time.

For more information see: https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/waddesdon

Horace the Alresford Bear 11/6/2021

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