Cambridge University Botanical Gardens

We were delighted to find the research plots full of wildflowers.

The cornflowers, daisies and poppies looked very beautiful.

We visited on a very hot June day, it felt refreshing just to sit by the fountains for a while.

Our visit to the glasshouse was very brief, way too hot for bears. We wondered if our human’s new baby cacti will ever get this big…

…or this tall…

Nye wanted to sit on the giant lilypad but I told him it wasn’t allowed.

These dangly flowers were amazing, hanging down like one of those beaded curtain things some humans put at their doors.

At The Schools garden the bee house was very busy.

It was good to find a bear sized bench in the Schools Garden too 🙂

Cambridge university Botanical garden is a lovely place to visit when in Cambridge, though it was a tad too hot when we visited!

For more information see:

Horace the Alresford Bear 13/6/21

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