Anglesey Abbey; where there is no Abbey.

We were rather surprised to find a splendid Jacobean house at Anglesey Abbey instead of an Abbey. The Abbey was destroyed back in the 16th Century.

We found the pillars of a temple as we walked around the grounds.

The lions guarding the temple both looked quite friendly, so we posed for a photo with one of them.

In the woods we discovered a den building area and set to work building one.

We didn’t get far as the logs were too heavy for small bears to lift. Fortunately someone had made a bear sized den already.

I managed to complete all the balance trails in the woods. Nye just sat and watched!

There were some really beautiful pink roses in the rose garden.

We set off through the woods to find the water mill.

Some time later we finally found it.

Here we are outside. It has an under flow wheel which you might be able to make out just above Nye’s head in the photo.

There was a copse of silver birch trees that made excellent Bear perches.

We heard music nearby so set off to find the source. Some folk musicians were playing in the garden.

We listened to the music for a while and enjoyed home made rock cakes.

After the musicians had finished playing lots of people moved on, leaving the deckchairs for us to sit in.

All in all another splendid day out.

For more details see

Horace the Alresford Bear 12/6/2021

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