Sheringham Park Rhododendrons & Sea Views.

There are lots of Rhododendrons at Sheringham so off we went to see them all.

There were also some splendid fox gloves.

Nye tried to hide in one of the Rhododendrons without success.

We marched on passed many more blooms looking for somewhere to pose for a photo.

This bright pink Rhododendron had a branch in just the right place for two small bears.

Further on we found an excellent hole in a tree where we sat and waiting for the rain to stop.

We continued on our way towards the coastal path.

It was quite a long way for small bears with short legs.

It was quite windy up on the hill so we kept away from the edge. I think the view would have been clearer on a sunny day.

Before making our way back to Sheringham we just sat for a while. Sometimes it is good just to sit and look at the sea.

On our way back to base we passed through even more Rhododendrons.

We hope you enjoyed our photos. I do enjoy blogging about our adventures. Sheringham Park is another great place to spend a few hours.

For more details see;

Horace the Alresford Bear 17/6/21

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