Blickling Estate

We entered Blickling through the large walled garden.

Very large artichokes were growing there; we stopped to admire one.

When we arrived at the splendid house we posed for a photograph. Nye needs to grow a bit taller.

We had a peer through one of the windows and decided it would be interesting to explore indoors.

The queue wasn’t too long so we joined the end.

Inside we found the giant colander that we had seen through the window.

The old 1930’s radio looked rather special.

The library was lined with ancient books.

It must have taken someone a very long time to read them all.

Before continuing our exploration with had a rest.

We followed the orange narrowed walk, first going past the house.

Nye thought the gate closing thingies were good very small bear swings.

The lake had lots of fishing platforms; we sat and watched for a while but didn’t see any fish.

It was fun trying to hide from the humans in the field.

The walk was very long but we kept going.

We passed a castle.

Finally we got back to Blicking house.

I wanted to help out the gardeners but Nye pointed out that the cafe would be shutting soon and that we needed cake.

The doors of the big house were all closed up.

What a relief that the Muddy Boots cafe was still open. Yum yum yum…

Blickling was our last outing in Norfolk, we have had a wonderful holiday.

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