Avebury Stone Circle & Manor Gardens

Avebury Stone Circle is the largest stone circle in the world. I was a very fortunate Bear to be able to visit the stones.

There were lots of sheep visiting the stones too.

I set off to explore all around…

The Stones made me feel very small. A human lifted me up for a photo sat on this one.

Here I am looking very small indeed. The Stones have been at Avebury for about 4000 years.

There is a big trench all around the stones which was dug about 5000 years ago.

I couldn’t resist a roly poly down the bank!

I sat for a while and wondered about the history of the site and how different life was for humans when Avebury was built.

Avebury Manor is right next to the stone circle so after walking around the stones we visited the garden.

There are many herbs in the garden, including lots of sage.

I rather like the smell of sage.

I do like trees that have special sitting places for bears…

There was what I is a space inspired sculpture just outside the manor house.

The bees were enjoying the allium flowers. I didn’t get too close….

I peered into the well but couldn’t see the bottom, it seemed to go on infinitely. The grill on the top stops creatures falling in.

The composting area had lots of signs about the composting process. I would like to have a go at making compost at home but the humans aren’t keen as once in the past rats moved into their compost bin. I didn’t see any rats in the Manor Gardens.

The ornamental pots next to the pond are just the right size for bears.

We walked down a lavender lined path to leave the gardens. The lavender was starting to go to seed but smelt wonderful.

Avebury is a special place.

For more details see: https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/avebury

Horace the Alresford Bear 6/8/2021

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