Box Hill – a tad challenging for a bear with short legs.

My human announced that Box Hill is somewhere cyclists like to ride up. She is a cyclist but didn’t have her bicycle with her, so thought it would be fun to go walking there instead.

There is a splendid view of the Surrey countryside from the top, where we started the walk.

Stepping stones sounded fun so we followed the blue arrows.

We went down many many steps that were all a bit muddy and slippery due to the rain. The bit of river that had stepping stones was rather disappointing. Due to lots and lots of rain the river level was high and the stones were all completely submerged.

Fortunately there is also a bridge to cross the River Mole.

Selfie by the bridge…

There was a sign by the bridge stating that the original bridge had been put there by the Ramblers (in memory of members who died in the war).

The stepping stones route continued along for a while next to the River Mole.

Then after crossing a road bridge over the river it was time to climb back up to the top of Box Hill. All very tiring for a small bear….

It all got a bit much for me so at the first opportunity I climbed into my human’s bag.

Back at the top again I posed on the triangulation station. I really like the way those two words go together – ‘triangulation station’….

Exercise makes bears very hungry so it was wonderful to find the cafe at the visitor centre still open and even better selling Danish pastries. Yum yum yum.

I am glad I went to Box Hill as I often hear about it and have wondered where it us. We drove down the road afterwards as my human wanted to see the route cyclists take. She said she’ll stick to Cheddar Gorge for her hill practice.

For more information see:

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