Calling at Alresford for lunch, with another visit to where we were made)

We were very happy to be able to stop for lunch at the town of our manufacture today. The Town Mill where many of our younger relatives were made is now a gym for humans to keep fit.

We wandered on through the town to find the Town Mill where we were made. This is the stream that used to feed the mill when it had a water wheel many years ago.

Further down the road we found The Town Mill, now flats which look very nice. Me and Nye were both made in the building behind us.

We did a short bit of the Riverside walk as didn’t have lots of time. Here we are in front of the very pretty Fulling Mill. Woollen cloth was felted here many years ago.

The Felting Mill is very picturesque.

We didn’t have time to stay long so returned to the High Street to find somewhere for lunch. Watercress soup and scones made from locally grown watercress was delicious, we had this at The Courtyard Cafe which is reached via an alleyway.

You might like to read about my previous visits to Alresford.

Horace the Alresford Bear 27/9/2021

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