Newtown National Nature Reserve; a very special place

The National Trust cabin is a really splendid place to stay at Newtown, Isle of Wight.

It’s very cosy inside.

We like an adventure so set off to explore the Nature Reserve.

I had to help little Nye through the gates.

It wasn’t long before Nye found a tree to hide in.

We sat in a tree for a while to look for red squirrels but didn’t see any.

We were rewarded shortly afterwards when one appeared on the path. Unfortunately squirrels on nature reserves are very shy of bears and humans and it dissappeared into the trees before we could take a photograph.

At the salt marshes we sat and rested for a while and watched a little egret (too far away to photograph with ordinary camera).

Nye climbed up into a tree for a better view.

It was very exciting to spot the bird hide at the end of the boardwalk.

We had to wait outside for a human to open the door for us to go in.

Once inside I borrowed some binoculars and had a much better view of the little egret and other birds.

There are small man made lakes in the salt marshes which used to be used as salt pans to harvest salt from the sea.

We said ‘hello’ to a friendly swan in the harbour before heading back to Newtown cabin.

Exploring is hungry work, so the buns didn’t stay on their plates for very long!

For more information about Newtown and the Nature Reserve see:

This is where we stayed:

Horace the Alresford Bear 28/9/2021

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