Exploring Alderley Edge Woods

I love exploring new places. Alderley Edge is ‘up north’ in Cheshire, a few miles from Manchester.

There are lots of strange cracks and crevices in the rocks, and many mines in the ground below. Rumour has it that a wizard lives at Alderley Edge, it’s a place full of mystery and intrigue.

The cracks are big enough to shelter small bears.

The woodland has a diverse ecosystem, with many different sorts of tree. Autumn is a good time to find fungi, this bracket fungi was too far away to photograph up close though.

I had a long climb up to some interesting looking rocks through tree root steps….

Here I am peering over the top while humans called ‘don’t go to close to the edge Horace’….

My human clambered down with camera to take the photo.

Some more bracket fungi….

I thought this fungi was an excellent specimen of Hoof fungi.

You may know that I like to visit ancient stone circles. Here I am with the Druid Stone Circle, but it isn’t a real one like Stonehenge but thought to be folly put there about 200 years ago.

The Pilkington sisters bought the woods, with Cheshire County Council contributing a quarter of the cost, then gave the woodland to the National Trust in memory of their parents.

There certainly are lovely views at the top.

Before leaving I sat quietly for a while in the woods wondering if the wizard might appear, but suspect he hides away in the caverns below the ground.

Do visit Alderley Edge if you are in the area, such a wonderful peaceful place with lots of history and legends.


Horace the Alresford Bear 16/11/21

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