Working in a small branch library (Marksbury Rd)

I occasionally work in Bristol libraries. Today I did a few hours at a small branch library known as Marksbury Road Library.

The books are issued to readers using a ‘wand’ that scans their barcodes, and when they are returned the barcodes are scanned again. I was pleased to see someone had been reading about Winnie the Pooh.

The books have to be put back on the shelves after being returned. I put Winnie the Pooh on display. It is good book for young and old humans to read.

I spent quite a while shelving books, it is important that they get put back in the right place. The books are all quite large for a small Bear to carry about

I decided to look on the computer to see if Bristol libraries copy of ‘Horace the Alresford Bear’ was on loan. It was on loan, but was quite overdue. I think the borrower must have liked it so much they decided to keep it!

Libraries are really great places, full of interesting books with lots of wonderful children’s books too. All the books are free to borrow. I certainly enjoyed working in the library today, and I think the lanyard does look very good on me.

For more information about Bristol Libraries (there are lots of them) see:

Horace the Alresford Bear 30/11/21

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