Symonds Yat adventure

Today has been the hottest day of the year so far. The humans decided to take full advantage of the sunshine and have a day out at Symonds Yat. I was jolly pleased they took me along too. First thing I did when we arrived was to make a cup of tea for everyone.

Shortly after finishing our tea we set off upstream along the river Wye in our kayak.

After about half a mile we came across a swan with her cygnets.

After paddling for another ten minutes we paddled past lots of geese and their goslings.

It was great fun being on the river but after a while my tummy started rumbling for food. We went back downstream to our base where I cooked some sausages to make hotdogs.

Yum yum yum. Food always tastes better in the open air!

We decided to spend the afternoon walking along the downstream section of river. The humans wouldn’t take the kayak that way as there are rapids in that part of the river, and they only do calm water kayaking. In order to get to the other side of the river we had to use the ferry. I watched as the ferry man pulled the boat across using his hands holding onto a cable strung across the river.

It was quite a quick journey across to the other side.

We walked along the path for about one and a half miles before reaching a rope bridge that we could cross back again on. I stopped for a drink as was feeling thirsty in the heat.

We don’t have any photos of me toddling across the bridge as my human finds the bridge a bit wibbly wobbly and gets a bit scared crossing it. She was too busy holding the handrails to take photos! Though I did manage to get her to take my photo just before I walked across.

It was indeed rather wobbly especially when other humans were also walking over. Only 6 humans are allowed on it at a time. We walked back towards our base and I enjoyed looking at the scenery. There is a special trail marked out with poles over the rapids for humans that like to race kayaks through them

I squeezed through two tree trunks to see another view.

Sitting on top the tree trunk was more comfortable.

We will visit Symonds Yat again one day I am sure, it’s not too far from Bristol and is a good place to kayak, walk and cook sausages.

Horace the Alresford Bear 17/6/22

1 thought on “Symonds Yat adventure

  1. Wonderful , many, many years since I was at Symons Yat. Must have been1949 / 50. Thank You Horace that was Brilliant!!! ❤️♥️💕


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