Kinver Rock Houses

Until 1965 people were living in houses carved into the rock at Kinver. It was a very interesting place to visit. Here are my photos. Please note the captions are below the photos (they are usually above them!)

Two of the Rock Houses have been restored.
Here I am outside of one.
I rather liked the wash stand that had a mirror.
The kitchen had some things that people used to eat years ago on the shelves.
This is an old fashioned washing machine.
This cave was being used as a shed with tools inside.
There was a splendid range in one of the cottages, and I enjoyed warming my fur next to it.
More interesting bottles from years ago.
A stone hot water bottle; we have one of these at home that we use to warm the rabbit hutch sometimes.
Here I am watching the world go by from this cottage.
The hole in the well is very deep and goes down very very long way. I was glad to see a grid on top to stop people and bears falling in.
The top caves haven’t been restored into houses but visitors can still walk around them.
The buildings at the top have been restored and are now a cafe.
Yum yum yum….

As you can see I ended my visit in the cafe. I was hoping to sit outside under the top cave but a cold wind had blown up so we sat inside the cafe. The women running the cafe were very friendly and helpful.

For more information see

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