Whitby; great even in unpredictable weather…

As the human took this photograph a flash of lightening appeared followed shortly after by a loud clap of thunder and heavy rain. Quite fitting for an Abbey and Town that inspired Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula!

We hid for a while inside the bear carrier until the rain went off, then had another look at Whitby Abbey. It was built about 1400 years ago.

The sunshine returned so we walked down the 199 steps. Some of the people coming up looked a bit tired.

It was good to sit on the harbour wall for a while and dry off fur, we did get a little bit wet before getting in the bear carrier during the earlier thunderstorm.

There was a vast selection of rock in a shop that only sold things made of rock. The human said rock is bad for teeth so we didn’t buy any as we want to keep our teeth.

Nye and myself had a bit of a disagreement about whether we should go to the beach as more rain clouds were gathering in the sky. We just happened to be outside the ‘Arguments Yard’. Can you spot the cat?

We did go to the beach and were very lucky not to get caught in another storm.

Nye thought it a shame that all the beach huts were locked up as they would make great rain shelters.

We would have to make do with huddling under the eaves if the rain reached us; we could see it falling further around the bay.

Having come down the 199 steps earlier, we had to go up them again. Rather challenging for two small bears already tired from walking to the the beach.

The good news was that next to Whitby Abbey there is a YHA cafe, and it was still open and serving cake. An excellent reward for climbing 199 steps.

Whitby is a great Yorkshire seaside town with something for everyone. Dodging rain and thunderstorms certainly made our visit more interesting.

For more information about Whitby Abbey see


Horace the Alresford Bear 2/7/22

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