Wells including Dracula at The Bishop’s Palace

Wells Cathedral was built over 800 years ago so is very very old.

We wondered whether bears used to roly poly on the grass in the olden days!

Just up the road from the Cathedral we found an archway that was the entrance to The Vicars Close.

Vicars Close is also very old, built over 600 years ago is it thought to be the oldest complete residential street in Europe.

We walked up Vicars Close having a good look at the houses. At the end of the close there is the Vicars’ Chapel with a library above it.

We walked back again towards the arch, above which was the Vicars’ dining room. We really liked the chimneys

We went on to explore the town square. Nye climbed up onto the fountain for a photograph but unfortunately fell in….

He climbed up again, all wet, and joined me on the wall for this photograph.

Nye has a bit of a habit of falling in places, but at least it was clean water, unlike when he fell in with the pigs a few years ago (see https://horacethealresfordbear.com/2017/04/04/roskillys-organic-farm-where-nye-falls-in-with-the-piglets/)

The humans squeezed a bit of water out of Nye and sat him in the sunshine on a chair outside a cafe to dry off a bit.

A waitress arrived at the table and asked if we would like anything. so we ordered cake.

It was nearly time for the performance of Dracula to begin, so we made our way to The Bishop’s Palace.

The swans that live in the moat at the palace have been trained to ring a bell when they get hungry.

The time arrived for us to go inside to see The British Touring Shakespeare Company perform Dracula.

We had some time to eat a posh picnic before the play began.

Dracula wasn’t very scary as it was still daylight, and the legends say vampires only come out at night.

At the end all the actors stood together and bowed, and the audience clapped. I think Lucy may have been smilling at me in this photo…

Wells is an interesting place to spend a few hours and it’s great fun going to watch a bit of outdoor theatre on a sunny day, we have a splendid time.

Horace the Alresford Bear 1/8/2022

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