Clifton Observatory

I only live a couple of miles from the Clifton Observatory, but I have never been inside. The humans aren’t keen to visit places when they are busy, but on a Thursday in October it wasn’t busy, so in we went.

On arrival we were quite hungry, so headed for the 360 Cafe to get a bit to eat.

The cafe has outdoor seating on the top with amazing views of Bristol and The Clifton Suspension Bridge.

Wallace dressed as Isambard Kingdom Brunel also lives up there.

I enjoyed a focaccia toastie with a splendid view.

After eating we went to get tickets to see the camera obscura and the giant’s cave.

I had to climb up lots and lots of steps right to the top of the tower to the camera obscura.

I carefully read the instructions for using the camera.

Then went into the room and closed the door.

The humans opened the door to take this photo of me, and the image on the big circle of stone disappeared as it does need to be dark.

With the door firmly shut I pushed the lever around which moves the mirrors right at the top which reflect the images of outside onto the circle.

I could see the Suspension Bridge and cars and people going across it. The camera obscura has been there since 1828, a very long time.

After spending quite a while with the camera it was time to venture down through the rocks of the Avon Gorge to The Giant’s Cave. Legend has it that local giant Goram lived in the cave.

There were lots and lots of steep steps that went down through the rock.

At the bottom there is a balcony in the side of The Avon Gorge. It is made of a steel grille, and it is possible to look down through it. I was a bit worried that my paws might fall through, or that 8 humans might suddenly join me.

I teetered as far as I could without standing on the grid and had a look at the view of the Suspension Bridge and the River Avon below.

There is net all over the balcony to stop birds nesting in the cave. My human took this photo of me and then I was keen to get back to the cave!

If you live in Bristol or are visiting The Observatory is definitely worth a visit, but the cave isn’t for the faint hearted. You also need to be reasonably fit as there are many steep steps, I should have counted them but I was busy holding on to the railings!

For more information see:

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