Afternoon tea and ‘taking the waters’ at Bath Pump Room

I managed to tag along with the humans on a special visit to Bath for afternoon tea at The Pump Room.

The Pump Room is very grand with a chandelier and a big piano at one end, where musicians were playing music.

There is a splendid view of The Roman Baths from the Pump Room windows. I visited the baths a few years ago. (See

After being seated a waitress brought three plates full of treats for me to share with just one human. Yum yum yum.

After eating as much as my tummy could manage I went over to the fountain where warm spa waters emerge from the ground.

Small cone shaped cups were available for visitors to sip some of the spa water. Back in the late 17th century aristocrats came here to ‘take the waters’ as they believed that the mineral rich spring water could cure illnesses. I had a sip, it just tasted like warm water!

Before leaving the Waitress kindly put all the leftover cakes in a box for me to take home and share with my friends.

I am a very lucky Bear.

Horace the Alresford Bear 1/11/2023

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