Chilly Dyrham Park

Cold weather has arrived, the humans decided to go for a wintery walk at Dyrham Park. There was a giant wreath in front of the house which made me look rather small.

I wandered off for a walk around the gardens. It is good to keep moving when the weather is chilly, it helps to keep bears and humans warm.

The gardeners were ‘resting’ the grass next to the waterfall and pond, so I couldn’t get close to the edge. They do this as during busy times the grass gets worn away by the many humans walking all over it.

The gardeners were very busy in the formal gardens and had lots of pots placed ready for planting.

They had plans to tell them exactly where to put the pots. I don’t know what was in the pots, we will have to visit again in spring to find out!

Wheelbarrows always look better with small bears inside…

At the Old Lodge there was a Christmas tree surrounded by very large presents. The boxes were big enough to contain big teddy bears.

Two rather splendid tractors were in the children’s play area. Fortunately there were no children around so I was able to try them both out…

I liked the red one best.

I had a potter about in the mud kitchen, which made me start thinking about real food.

The humans bought me a very tasty cheese and onion pasty in the tea room which warmed me up and filled up my tummy nicely. Yum yum yum.

I visit Dyrham quite often as it is near Bristol where I live and have blogged about it several times. If you wish to see my other blogs just type ‘Dyrham’ into the search box.

Horace the Alresford Bear 7/12/2022

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