Mallorca Adventure

After arriving at the airport in a comfy backpack I had to go through the x ray machine at security in order to get on an airplane. It wasn’t actually too bad an experience.

After a couple of hours flying and an hour in a taxi we arrived at the hotel.

I always test the bed on arrival anywhere, and pleased to say this one was comfy. You may notice my new jumper, which is a special holiday jumper to protect my aging fur.

The hotel room had a little kitchen, so after going shopping the humans cooked some supper for me which I ate on the balcony.

Before bedtime I just sat for a while looking at the swimming pool.

It is always good to sleep after a busy day travelling.

It was a shame there weren’t any small bear sized boats available for me to have a pootle in the pool.

Being April the hotel was quite quiet. I enjoyed the early morning sun on my fur.

Another day I set off to explore the town. As I walked across the beach a seaplane was flying around.

In the town I had a walk around the shops.

When I looked in the window of the ‘Charity for kids’ shop I noticed two bears sat on the sofas that were for sale.

I went in to say ‘Hello’. This chap seemed a bit quiet and was focused on looking out the window for someone to buy him.

I tried to chat to the bear in the corner but unfortunately I don’t understand Spanish and he didn’t speak English so we just smiled at each other. I hope someone buys them both soon.

Back on the beach I decided it was time for a rest, so looked for a suitable napping place.

Found one under a big straw umbrella, though I was rather hot as not in the shade.

I moved to the other side and had a lovely doze.

I enjoyed eating a tuna roll on the beach for lunch.

I think I look rather handsome in the selfie photo below…

Each morning I made my breakfast in the little kitchen area.

It was very enjoyable sitting in the early morning sun eating marmalade on toast.

Oneday the humans went out without their bikes. I climbed up to try out a bike but it was far from bear sized.

I quite like a bit of gentle hiking so joined the humans on a hike through the Boquer valley

I stopped for a while to look at the remains of the Talayot village, where humans lived 3000 years ago.

At the end of the valley there is a lovely view of Cala Boquer.

I sat and had a little snack keeping a close eye on a vulture that was flying about high above.

On our last day at Puerto Pollensa we had a splendid meal of tapas and sangria at the Coral bar and restaurant.

I enjoy travelling and having adventures but it is always good to get back to Bristol where I live.

Horace the Alresford Bear 27/4/2023

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