Clifton Library

Today I had the opportunity to help out at Clifton Library, a small branch library in Bristol.

I made friends with Shaun and Ted who both spend most of their time sat on a shelf but sometimes get carried around by children.

Ted & Shaun agreed to help me and my human do Baby Bounce and Rhyme. We had a good look at the story my human was going to read before the babies and toddlers arrived.

Here we are ready to start Baby bounce, all the children were given little shakers and we handed out song sheets to the adult humans. The small humans really enjoyed the singing, and I did my party piece which is ‘Round and round the garden like a teddy Bear….’

After all the little humans had left I gathered up all the shakers and rattles.

I then spent ten minutes wiping them all to keep them clean. Human babies seem to put everything in their mouths!

I helped out for a while on the library desk.

Humans reserve books in libraries and library staff have to find them. I spent ages looking for a book called ‘Owl Babies’ but my human found it first 🦉🦉🦉.

There is a self service machine in the library. In order to reach the returned items I had to use a little chair and a pile of books.

I was very busy for the few hours I was in the library. It was soon time to go home again.

Libraries are great places for humans of all ages, and their bears. I do recommend to everyone to find your local library and join.

Horace the Alresford Bear 28/4/23

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