Brean Down Way in the bicycle pannier

The humans let me tag along with them on their bike ride along Brean Down Way.

There is a huge sandy beach at Brean, but it was rather windy.

I had a little doze in the sunshine while waiting for the humans to get ready to ride.

They ended up pushing the bikes up a very steep hill before cycling to the Fort at the end of Brean Down. Wales is on the other side of the water.

I did a bit of exploring. The Fort was in use from 1870 – 1940s.

This is the fireplace in the barrack room.

I also found a dark tunnel but decided against going any further as it was very dark indeed.

Here I am sat in the window of the Barracks building.

Across the bay from Brean is Weston-super-mare. The Brean Down Way cycle path goes from Brean to Uphill which just before Weston.

The bluebells growing on Brean Down were an especially deep blue and very beautiful.

Here is a selfie of me on Brean Down with Weston-Super-Mare in the background. After taking this I got back into the pannier and we headed along the trail towards Uphill.

After travelling along the coast road for about a mile the humans turned off and we cycled along a traffic free route. We went over the River Axe where a special screen has been erected to protect the wild birds.

I peered through one of the gaps and saw a few wading birds.

When we got to Weston the humans cycled along the seafront until we got to Knightstone Island.

Cyclists like to eat bananas so I joined the humans and had one too!

We then turned around and cycled back to Brean Down again. The whole route was about 18 miles and mostly flat.

See for more information about the route.

Horace the Alresford Bear 20/5/2023

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