Aberdulais with Nye & Growler

Growler and Nye (who promised not to cause any mischief) came along with me to visit Aberdulais falls and waterwheel.

Nye and Growler studied the map to make sure we didn’t get lost

There was a huge water wheel which would have been used to power machinery to roll steel that would go on to be plated in tin.

We had a look at the waterfall (while a human held onto our legs!)

Growler is ver old and stuffed with wood shavings so we didn’t want him falling in.

I climbed up for a closer look at the channel that diverted water from the waterfall to the water wheel.

Here we are inside the ruins of the tinning shed…

We stopped to take a selfie…

Growler and Nye wouldn’t get in the cart with me. Nye was keen to get to the café as was hungry.

The cafe used to be in the Old School House. Unfortunately that got recently flooded so now it is based in the shop. We had hoped to have bara brith but they had sold out so settled for cream scones instead. Yum yum yum….

While eating I spotted the caps for sale. I do like hats so we all tried them on.

If you want to find out more about visiting Aberdulais have a look at:

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