Lacock Adventure

Nye was very excited to come along to Lacock with me.

Lacock is a very old village in Wiltshire.  Here I am admiring a splendid wood framed house.

We spotted what looked like a green castle in a garden but on climbing up onto the wall realised it was a topiary.

There was also a topiary whale. Can you spot it?

One house had a stall outside selling all sorts of home jams and meringues.

Amongst the jam we found a jar of Lacock honey. Honey is good for bears so we bought it.

Further up the road we spotted a little stall outside a cottage with lavender bags for sale.

Nye chose a little bag and we popped a pound through the letterbox as instructed.

Further along there was a trug full of very beautiful vegetables for sale.  Again we popped some money through the letterbox for some green beans and summer squashes.  Fortunately the humans were happy to carry them as they were rather heavy for small bears

Before going into The Abbey grounds we stopped at the National Trust Stables cafe for some chocolate cake. Yum yum yum….

The Abbey gardens are very pretty and many summer flowers were in bloom. 

There were also lots of apples in the orchard.

We said ‘Hello’ to the Abbey cat.

Nye spotted a big pond disguised with green plants and lilies growing all over the top.

We were pleased to discover a life ring at hand just in case anyone falls in.

The sheep in the next field were a bit shy and moved away when we went to greet them.

Here we are in front of Lacock Abbey…

We found a ‘Monastic drain’.  I peered down and there was a very big cavern underneath.  (For more information about the drain see the link at the end of this blog)

Before entering the Abbey to see The Cloisters we paused for a selfie.

The Cloisters at Lacock are a masterpiece and very beautiful.

Some of the filming for the Harry Potter films was carried out in Lacock’s Cloisters.

The Cloisters really are very special and well worth visiting.

As we walked back to the carpark I noticed this sign which is very true. We all need nature.

Horace the Alresford Bear 4/8/2020

For more information about Lacock see:

For information about the monastic drain see:

3 thoughts on “Lacock Adventure

  1. That was Wonderful!!! Thank You Both very much for all the photos and the little notes with each one. What a lovely day you had. Keep sending pictures and messages, I Love ❤️ hearing about all your adventures. Xx Xx Xx Xx

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