Westonbirt Arboretum (including accidental collection of Burdock burs)

There are many many trees to see at Westonbirt Arboretum. To begin I went up to see the tree tops on the high trail.

It was very interesting to see the trees high up.

Further along there was a good view of the wood works where people were busy making things.

There is an interesting information board on the walkway explaining how trees get their nutrients and water up to the leaves at the top.

I was hoping to climb up even higher to a platform around a tall tree’s trunk but unfortunately it was closed for maintenance.

At one point bees were busy and as the walkway was in their flight path I didn’t hang around.

At the end of the walkway there is a splendid sculpture featuring three dogs.

The day was very hot so I spent a while sitting under a very big tree.

There was also a very tidy bivouac.

I think this was my favourite tree in the Arboretum.

It is a Japanese Paper Maple.

The young trees are kept inside little fenced areas to keep them safe. This one is a honey locust tree.

There was a strange carved house for little people. A wizardry type of chap with a woodpecker on his head were above the door for fairies.

I was very surprised to come across the Gruffalo’s child wandering in the Silk Wood.

Somehow I managed to get caught up in some burdock. It is like the prickly side of velcro and my fur is the soft side.

Thankfully I managed to get free.

This is a special composting station where wood chips used for mulch are stored. The heaps get hot which sterilises them.

To start with I thought these flowers were crocuses growing at the wrong time. My human thinks they are some kind of anemone.

Sometimes you just have to lie under trees.

The view from the ground made me feel very small.

Another young tree safe it its cage. This one is a Japanese Maple (Westonbirt Spreading Star).

There are many miles of paths in the Arboretum. I think I travelled about 6 miles. (I did spend a little time in the bear carrier)

Many trees from all around the world big and small.

I was jolly pleased to find some honey bees…

I did rather jump when I spotted The Gruffalo! He is actually very friendly.

Mouse was busy with an acorn.

Fox let me have a little ride.

Then Owl was so busy being wise and thoughtful he didn’t lend a wing and help me up!


Squirrel was a happy fellow

And Snake fortunately didn’t eat me.

After so much walking about my legs were getting very tired and tummy hungry so we headed back towards the cafe.

I settled for cinnamon bun and some ice cream. Yum yum yum…

When I got home I discovered that I still had burdock burst stuck on my fur. The burdock plant is very good at distributing its seeds that way. I shall plant them in a pot and see if they grow baby burdock bushes.

Horace the Alresford Bear 11/8/2020

For more info about Westonbirt see:


2 thoughts on “Westonbirt Arboretum (including accidental collection of Burdock burs)

  1. Don’t know anything about the comment above, I’ve been out in the garden this afternoon, what a change !! Sunny and warm. ☀️
    Horace ,I’m loving all your photos from the Arboretum, shall look at them again and again, think of you enjoying it all, and catch up later. 😘


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