Tyntesfield with Wilfred & Nye

Wifred is older than me and is quite well stuffed. He doesn’t get out much so today we took him to Tyntesfield. Here we are at the Roundhouse.

We walked on through the woodland trail where quite a few children were playing. Wilfred thought this bivouac would made a good place for bears to hide.

Right next to the children’s play area we found an abundance of fungi…

We managed to sneak underneath a climbing platform…

There are lots of trees suitable for small bears to climb…

It was important to pay attention to our steps as we walked along as there were spiky chestnuts here and there. We stopped to investigate them underneath a sweet chestnut tree.

On our way to the kitchen garden we stopped for a rest on a bench.

Most of the pumpkins had already been harvested….

The cafe was too busy to get cake so we headed back to the main house and roly polyed on the grass. Lots of children were doing roly polys too!

We posed for a photo by the bear sized house.

After exploring the rose garden we had a little rest in one of the bear shelters.

Before leaving to go home we bought some yummy chocolate in the shop and ate it on a bench in the car park.

Wilfred really enjoyed his outing but the humans say he is too well stuffed to take out often; he doesn’t fit in the bear carrier with us!

For more information about Tyntesfield see: https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/tyntesfield

Horace the Alresford Bear 11/10/2020

1 thought on “Tyntesfield with Wilfred & Nye

  1. What a lovely outing for three bears. Hi Horace and Nye, Thank You for introducing Wilfred. Is he going to live with you two? I can understand why your human said he couldn’t go out with you again if he doesn’t fit in the Bear carrier. What a shame, you have a little word with him Horace and help him to get Slim. Don’t let him eat too much chocolate, and maybe play outside with you and Nye. You could have chasing games or kick a ball around. I’m sure you’ll think things to do. Catch up later Take Care, All of you, Love, ❤️Xx ❤️Xx ❤️ Xx


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