Pumpkin hunting at Saltram

It’s the time of year when pumpkins have all finished growing and humans use pumpkins to celebrate Halloween. Saltram have placed pumpkins around the garden for children and bears to find. Here we are in front of the house.

We soon found our first pumpkin.

We helped the gardener for a little while.

Nye spotted a tiny pumpkin with the statue.

We set off down an avenue of trees…

Soon found another pumpkin…

….and another one!

We had to stop for a photo with the beautiful cyclamen.

Here we are with another pumpkin, it is inside the folly behind us.

Through the drain grill we could see a pumpkin underneath the folly.

We found a tunnel underneath….

…and found the pumpkin we could see from above.

Outside again we discovered this one.

Underneath the chestnut tree was a pumpkin that had split in half.

We got a bit distracted from pumpkin hunting. We wondered about asking for a ride on the tractor but the gardener was hiding so we opted for a selfie sat in the shovel.

It was quite a surprise to find a pumpkin underneath a lemon tree.

Nye found this little pumpkin in the orangery where there weren’t any oranges.

Near the house this little pumpkin was watching us.

The last pumpkin was found on the way out. We counted 12 pumpkins altogether; I don’t know whether or not we found them all.

Before leaving for home we enjoyed cups of tea. Pumpkin hunting is thirsty work!

For more information about Saltram see: https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/saltram

Horace the Alresford Bear 20/10/2020

3 thoughts on “Pumpkin hunting at Saltram

  1. Thank You Both, I loved seeing all the pumpkins you found in the beautiful gardens and what a magnificent house. You two are so fortunate getting to visit all these estates. I liked the look of that long walk through the trees. So much to see, the folly and the tunnel underneath, must have been very exciting. I’m pleased you offered to give the gardener a hand, perhaps he was nearly finished for the day,. It would have been a very long day for you two; how sensible to have a rest and a drink before heading home. You would have been very tired, so like I said when I first read this morning’s post, how sensible to go for fish and chips. Well Done my little friends. Must say Good night now, God Bless You Both, 😘. 😘


    • Hi Horace & Nye, I just loved seeing the pumpkin photos. What fun, when I was little I used to go to my friend’s house, where her Dad grew pumpkins, that’s the last time I saw them growing, 75 years ago !!! We lived in a little village in Wales, either side of our primary school.
      Like you and Nye we liked climbing things and wandering in the woods, but there was nowhere near us as beautiful as the places you visit. You and Nye waving at the waves reminded me so much of my home, even though I didn’t live near the sea, and in war time had to look from a distance. What beautiful plants you two saw, like a tropical garden. I loved that long path between the trees and especially that huge palm where you, Horace managed to climb up. You certainly deserved your cuppas ! I As for the Fish & Chips when you got home!!! Made me really hungry. I hope you two keep enjoying wonderful adventures for a very long time. Aha!
      I heard someone say my tea/ supper is nearly ready, so I’d better get ready too. Take care of each other and Stay Safe, Talk again soon, Much Much Love Cindy ❤️ 😘 ❤️ 😘


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