Searching for snowdrops at Lacock

Today we went to Lacock to look for snowdrops.

We followed a walking route around the town. The Ford was very full of water.

Not too deep for the Postman’s van….

It just ploughed through the water…

….and continued on it’s way.

We walked a mile or so next to the river until Lacock Abbey came into view, then had a little rest next to the river.

Some of the styles are quite difficult to climb over and have special holes next to them for small bears to go through.

I couldn’t bring myself to jump so ended up using the small Bear hole with Nye.

We called in the Abbey Cloisters, well worth a visit (Harry Potter was filmed here)

The main mission today though was to find snowdrops, and we found quite a few.

We also found a friendly badger sitting inside a Wellington boot. Life is full of surprises.

The last visit to Lacock was in summer, when all the trees were in leaf and lots of flowers were everywhere. See my previous blog at

For more information about Lacock see:

Horace the Alresford Bear 11/2/22

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