Revisiting Lanhydrock with Nye

It was good to be able to visit Lanhydrock again, I visited back in 2016 but didn’t find the swimming pool then.

Before exploring we had some lunch in the old stables. Soup is good for bears.

With full tummies we set off to explore the gardens….

Some of the camellia were in flower and looked very beautiful.

We found a lovely little cottage…

Also lots of cheerful daffodils in the woodland garden…

Finally we found the swimming pool, which is next to a stream. Many years ago the owners of Lanhydrock would have swum here.

We decided to stay in dry ground!

We were hungry again after all the exploring so stopped for a cream tea before leaving.

We really like Lanhydrock and will visit again.

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For more information about Lanhydrock see:

Horace the Alresford Bear 4/3/2022

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