Eden Project

When we arrived at Eden Project we thought for a moment we might be on a different planet!

The model of the giant bee was rather disconcerting. We like bees, as they make honey, but not giant ones.

Back in 1999 Eden Project was a disused empty clay pit.

Humans built the Biomes and filled them with plants that usually grow in warm climates. There is a tropical rainforest biome, and a Mediterranean biome. It’s very warm and humid in the rainforest biome

Baka people live in the rainforest in huts a bit like this one while they are out hunting and gathering food. The women build the huts using weatherproof leaves from the ngongo tree.

The bamboo at Eden is much much much bigger than the bamboo we have in our garden at home. The stems are nearly as wide as me.

We had a look at a little stall showing crops grown in West Africa, the cocoa being of particular interest.

Human activity is starting to affect the weather around the world, which is being highlighted by this model of the earth showing the delicate balance.

There isn’t a photo of us on the high rope bridge, as our human was too busy getting to the other side, but here we are about to go across. It didn’t wobble as much as we thought it might.

This tropical flower looks more like a fluffy pom pom. It is a Bixa flower. Many people who live in the Amazon region paint their bodies with with the red juice which repels insects. It is also used as a food colouring, annanto, which is used to colour foods such as butter and cheese. Red Leceister cheese is orange coloured due to the annanto added to it.

We found rubber trees with lots of information about how rubber is extracted from them, and had a rest on old tyres made from rubber from rubber trees.

Here we are sat in front of a coffee bush. The coffee we buy in shops looks like the beans next to me, while those next to Horace are in their raw form prior to being roasted.

These pineapples have a lot of growing to do before someone can eat them.

We found some orange fruits on a plant but forgot to make a note of what they are; if anyone reading this knows, do please let us know!

We went on to visit the Mediterranean biome, but forgot to take any photographs, silly bears! Anyway, we were getting hungry so went downstairs to the cafe and ordered pizzas, and very yummy they were too….

All in all, a lovely day out, though a tad warm for wearing fur coats!

For more information see: edenproject.com

Horace the Alresford Bear 13/3/2022

PS Please let us know in the comments if you know what sort of plants are in the photo before the pizza photo.

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