A cottage in Cadgwith

We stayed in lovely little National Trust holiday cottage called Ruan.

There are wonderful views of Cadgwith Cove from the cottage.

A lovely place to enjoy a bun or two!

The beach at Cadgwith is split into two by a promontory known as The Todden. There is a great view of the Fishing boats from The Todden.

The fishermen keep lobster pots stacked up on a wall nearby.

Here we are sat watching the waves on the half of the beach that isn’t used by fishermen.

We walked around to the other half of the beach and climbed up onto one of the fishing boats.

In this photo it is possible to see the holiday cottage, the terrace of three cottages is just to the right of my right ear. We stayed in the one at the end of the terrace, just to the left of Nye’s left ear. Ears are very useful.

Right opposite our cottage, on the other side of Cadgwith Cove perched up on the top of the cliff is a very small bear sized house.

Here we are back in our cottage garden, you might just be able to make out the tiny house over the other side, it is to the left of my left ear.

After a few hours out exploring in the cold we warmed our fur next to the log burner, but didn’t get too close!

Every day for breakfast I made porridge, which is good for bears and humans.

We forgot to get any honey, so used sultanas to sweeten our breakfast.

When the weather was wet and windy, it was fun just to watch the waves from broom cupboard window!

We also kept busy making a jigsaw puzzle of the cove.

While the humans were out one day we decided to go to the log store and replenish supplies.

It was quite challenging opening the door but we got there in the end.

Between us we filled up a very big bag of logs, but sadly we couldn’t carry it, so had to wait for the humans to return to get the logs into the cottage.

We enjoyed a treat of special cream choux buns. Bears do like buns.

The Devil’s Frying pan was just along from our cottage, so we went to take a look.

We were in such a hurry to see it we nearly got stuck in the stile.

The Devil’s Frying Pan is an inlet where the sea whooshes in, with a steep drop down to it, so we stayed safely behind the fence.

On our last day at Ruan in Cadgwith we were able to spend a short while warming our fur in the sun (we can’t do this for long as sunrays aren’t really good for our fur, but in winter the sun is far away).

When it was time to go home, Nye wanted to stay a bit longer, but the housekeeper had arrived and more humans would be arriving to stay in the cottage later, so Nye came along with us.

We had a lovely time in Cadgwith. For details of the cottage see: https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/holidays/ruan-cornwall

Horace the Alresford Bear 13/3/2022

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