Stackpole Adventure (Pembrokeshire)

Our accommodation at Stackpole Quay was in a semi-detached National Trust cottage about 100 metres from the Quay. 

The cottage had a comfy sofa…

A cosy bedroom with a view….

The bedrooms had a wonderful view of the Boathouse Cafe garden and the sea beyond.

I enjoyed tucking into the complimentary biscuits with a nice mug of tea.

There is a beautiful bay in Pembrokeshire which is only a 20 minute walk from Stackpole Quay, so before it got too dark I went out to find it.  I wasn’t disappointed – Barafundle Bay is very picturesque

On returning to the cottage it was time to unpack the groceries.  Both me and the humans were surprised to find Nye and his new friend Clement hiding in the bag! 

At bedtime there wasn’t a bed for Nye and Clement so they had to share the sofa.  I was very comfy in my bed. 

The next day we all went down to Stackpole Quay.

On returning to the cottage the humans lit the fire for us to warm our fur.  

Another day I set off to find the famous Bosherton Lily ponds, though I did already know that there wouldn’t be any Lilies in March.  I was able to walk there from the cottage.  In this photo I am crossing the Eight Arch Bridge.

The ponds are beautiful and very peaceful with several narrow bridges crossing them.  I imagine they must look wonderful when the lilies are in bloom, but there would probably be many more humans visiting visiting then.

However, in late March all the spring flowers are out.  There are lots of primroses and celandines next to the paths plus a few violets and wood anemones.

When walking towards the coast from the Bosherton lakes you eventually arrive at Broadhaven Beach.  I had to cross a small bridge over a stream to get there.

Broadhaven beach is vast, especially when the tide is out.

Later I shared my supper with Nye and his new friend Clement.  It is good to have other bears for company sometimes.

The bear jacuzzi for the holiday cottage is situated down the road in a laundry room next to some more cottages.  I went down to check it out but I didn’t like the look of it at all as the jacuzzi didn’t have any windows.  Fortunately I didn’t have to go in there!

I enjoyed a delicious Sunday lunch at The Stackpole Inn.  They even let me have a go at pulling pints with my paws…

The walled garden is an interesting place to visit.  The very old water storage tank and the sunken greenhouses are quite fascinating.   The cafe serves some very tasty cakes and snacks including my favourite Welsh treat, Barabrith.

St Govan’s chapel is just along the coast from Broadhaven. It is next to a Ministry of Defence firing range so not always accessible. I travelled there by hitching a ride in my human’s bicycle pannier. The walk down to the entrance involves some quite steep steps. The Chapel is perched on the edge of the cliff and is very interesting. It was used by the BBC when they filmed the series ‘His Dark Materials’ so you might recognise it if you watched that on UK television. There is a small bear-sized hideaway below the Chapel that I tried out for size.

On some days we just sat and watched the world go by from the cottage window.

One morning I got up very early to see the sunrise. Nye was awake so he came along too. A tiny line a bright yellow light appeared that very quickly turned into a big yellow sun. A wonderful experience that everyone should do one day.

On our last day we decided to go down to the quay when the tide was out to get a photo of us sat on the little fishing boat that moors there.

We all got back to the Quayside safely.

We were sad to leave Stackpole Quay cottage but will always remember our adventures fondly.

Barafundle Bay has to be one of the best beaches I have ever been to…

I do hope you have enjoyed reading my blog.

Horace the Alresford Bear 30/3/2023