Winter fun at Salcombe South Sands Beach Club

My human took me along on a short break to Salcombe where she was celebrating an important birthday. The balcony of the hotel room overlooked the beach and Kingsbridge estuary.

The cushions all had my initials on! HBC which stands for Horace Bear’s cushion. I enjoyed relaxing on the balcony with a glass of water and lemon. I decided against the gin as it sends bears to sleep.

I enjoy a good read so immersed myself in a book.

The next day was going to be filled with fun activities so for breakfast I tucked into a sausage and egg muffin. It was very yummy.

Each time I got into the lift the mirror reminded me what a handsome bear I am!

The humans went out for a long walk so I stayed behind at the Beach Club. I spotted a wonderful collection of wellintons in the reception area.

I like red wellies but the red ones looked a bit big, so I opted for the smaller green ones.

The green wellington boots fitted perfectly.

I set off from the hotel to explore the beach.

South Sands is a big beach for a small bear with short legs to walk around. It took me a while to get to the sea. I didn’t get too close as the tide was coming in.

I stopped for a selfie.

The rocks looked interesting so after making my way over to them I climbed up to have a look in the pools.

I saw a tiny fish disappear into the seaweed.

It was time to be getting back as the tide was coming in and I didn’t want to get trapped on the rocks.

It took a while to get back across the beach. The wellies were feeling quite heavy for my little legs.

My legs were really quite tired when I got back to the hotel so climbing the steps took a while.

I sat down for a rest then took off the green wellies. They were just as good as the red ones that I sometimes borrow from Paddington.

I put the green wellingtons back on the rack with all the other wellingtons, ready for another small bear or maybe young human to use.

When I got back to the room I had a quick nap on the very very very large bed.

After an hour or so of napping I went downstairs to find the Spa. Here I am wishing that I could get into the sparkling water. Being submerged in water is something that I avoid. My stuffing gets all soggy and heavy which could make me sink quickly.

I had a look in the sauna, which was warm, so decided to try it out.

At first it was quite pleasant but after about two minutes I was very hot so had to leave.

I cooled off on a lounger.

The humans had been saying the the steam room was very good. I wasn’t sure what went on in the steam room so decided to have a look inside.

The twinkling lights on the ceiling kept changing colour and were very pretty, but I couldn’t see properly through the steam and my fur was starting to get soggy after just a few seconds so I left the room very quickly!

I am outside the door in this photo, but the steam had steamed up the lens on the camera!

I cooled off again with a glass of water.

The spa was very quiet during my visit.

There was gentle relaxing music playing so I had another nap and enjoyed being peaceful.

Later I managed to tag along with the humans for an evening meal. I opted for some delicious freshly made tortellini.

The mini break soon came to an end and it was time to say goodbye to the view from our room.

After the big meal the night before I opted for fresh fruit salad for my breakfast.

I had a lovely time at South Sands Salcombe, the Beach Club was a great place to stay for bears and humans.

Horace the Alresford Bear 11/2/23