Being a Mascot

I haven’t done any ‘mascot’ duties for a while now, but yesterday my human decided to put me in a cycling cap with the Bristol South Cycling Club logo on it in order to go and ring a cowbell at a Bristol South Rd Race that took place around Bishop Sutton near Bristol. There were lots of big yellow signs along the roads and people wearing high visibility jackets, plus cyclists everywhere.20160313_105121.jpg

Before the race began I had a nice rest in the sunshine on a gate post.  I was a bit worried about the barbed wire though, so didn’t stay there for long. 20160313_124500

Karen wanted me to be ready to ring my cowbell as soon as the racers came up the hill,  and as she was worried about the barbed wire too, decided to carry me around.2016-03-13 12.47.24

As soon as the cyclists came up the hill, 80 of them altogether, Karen started ringing her huge cowbell and shaking me at the same time to make me ring my bell, fortunately they all went by quite quickly.20160313_114721The cyclists had to go round a 10km circuit 8 times, and as they went around some got tired and left behind so they got told to leave the race for safety reasons.  The end bit of the race ended on a flat road next to a lake (Chew Valley Lake).  After we had watched 7 laps my humans took me to the lake to watch the finish.  I posed for a photo next to the lake.20160313_131403 I then toddled along to the finish line, where there were big flags either side of the road.20160313_132056I waited there with all the humans for about 5 minutes, then as Karen spotted the safety car coming along she scooped me up, after which one cyclist appeared, about 100 metres in front of the others.  Karen rang her bell and shook and shook me to ring my bell too – I have never been shaken so much.  Seconds later many more cyclists came across the finish line. You can see just how much I was shaken in this short video clip!


Once I had recovered from the shaking I had my photo taken with the winner, Stefan, and Rob, who came 3rd, both riding for DRKracing team.  I am still smiling!  1621945_989016537859078_6981229750955623533_n

I’m not sure I’d want to be a full time mascot though I guess I would get used to be shaken around after a while.  I think sometimes Karen forgets that I am quite an old bear really.  I think my next outing doing mascot type duties will be somewhat different.  I am going to be kitted out as a Morris dancer and join Oxford Morris men on Mayday.  Hmmmm…….